WOD: 5-18-12

...but no cigar. RCBB: 1. Awesome people: 1.

Strength:  Clean Pull:

1×4 75%
1×4 85%
1×4 85%
1×3 90%

Partner WOD:  For time:

150 Burpees

Before the 150 Burpees can be done both athletes must complete:

6 rounds of Tabata Air Squats.
Rest 1 minute
6 rounds of Tabata Push Ups
Rest 1 minute
6 rounds of Tabata Row (meters).
Rest 1 minute


The strength cycle is quickly coming to a close.  There are 3 more weeks of Back Squats and Clean Pulls.  Get ’em while they are still hot and use them to your advantage.  For these Clean Pulls be sure to make your reps touch-and-go, meaning you don’t ever rest the bar on the floor.  This workout was originally all of the Tabata sets you see, but with only 80 Burpees for time.  Then it became 100, then 80 again.  Then it became 120, then 100 again.  Finally 150 Burpees between two people after 9 minutes of Tabata came off like a number with which everyone could be happy.  Taxing the legs, then the arms, then both seems to be the proper way to do a few Burpees.

Gotta warm up that engine,



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